Terms & Conditions

1. Each owner must provide full and honest information relating to their dog during our initial meeting as any negative behaviour including aggression destructive behaviour continuous barking or constant toileting in my home will not be accepted.

2. In the event that I am unable to care for your dogs through illness or needing to evacuate my home in the case of fire or flooding your emergency contact will be asked to take over care for your dog so please always notify them when you leave your dog with me and provide an alternative contact if they are also away during this time making sure you provide me with updated details. I will of course provide a refund for the remaining days booked in. In the case of any aggression issues there will be no refund.

3. If your dog attacks another dog causing injury including to me you will be responsible for any costs incurred.

4. After having an introductory meeting with me to meet your dog and discuss aspects of care I will ask you to complete my questionnaire. Before accepting the first booking every new lodger will be required to have a chargeable 24 hour trial for the purpose of bonding with me and seeing how your dog interacts with other lodgers. I will always let you know what you need to bring for this visit.

5. Laura’s Little Lodgers has the right to call an owner during this time if I feel that your dog does not mix with other lodgers or is not settling well and might need a further visit prior to your first booking and therefore needs collecting prior to the prearranged time.

6. You agree to hand over your dog to me in good health. Any current illnesses or ailments must be disclosed and any medications will be supplied and detailed on my questionnaire.

7. I will not take female dogs that are due to come into season but if this does occur during their visit an owner will be charged an additional fee of £10 per day until alternative arrangements can be made for her collection by your emergency contact.

8. I do not take unneutered males unless on their 24 hours trial I see there are no behavioural issues relating to this.

9. All dates and times are looked upon as appointments and I would ask you to keep to these times in order to incur minimal upheaval to both my neighbours and to me. Please always park by the stream and walk into the courtyard with your dog. Please text me on arrival so that all my other lodgers are safely in my kitchen and do not ring my doorbell as this causes unnecessary barking.

10. Arrival time is no earlier than 8.30AM and departure time no later than 7PM for any bookings unless agreed with me in advance.

11. All food and treats are to be supplied by each owner for every booking and I will supply bowls and bedding if needed. If I run out of food I will always attempt to get additional and this will be chargeable on your return.

12. If your vet is local I will always try to get your dog there if there is an emergency but you must notify them prior to going on holiday that your dog is staying with me so that my registered vet can get medical details if needed and by signing these terms you are happy for me to use my registered vet.

13. All yearly vaccinations flea and worming treatments must be kept up to date and proof of these must be provided when dropping off your dog. Kennel cough is no longer compulsory at Laura’s Little Lodgers. All dogs must be up to date with vaccinations against parvovirus distemper hepatitis and leptospirosis (or have a recent titre test). No puppy can come to Laura’s Little Lodgers until at least two weeks after primary vaccination courses have been completed. Homeopathic vaccinations are not acceptable under my licensing restrictions.

14. Please note that if your vet is not within 10 minutes of my home I will take your dog to my registered veterinary practice Temple End Veterinary Surgery in Flackwell Heath. You will kindly reimburse me for any costs incurred on your return.

15. With any new dog a 50% deposit will be required for the first booking prior to leaving your dog with me. If cancellation occurs within 14 days of this booking then I will retain this deposit.

16. All future bookings cancelled within 10 days of arrival will be charged in full due to the reduced numbers I will be permitted to have here from 2019 and I trust that all owners will honour this request.

17. If I have to cancel a booking due to my own ill health hospitalisation or a holiday flight delay I will always try to find alternative home from home accommodation for your dog but would hope that your emergency contact could step in and I will of course reimburse you.

18. I accept cash cheque or online banking as methods of payment and would ask that with any bookings of over two weeks half the cost is paid when dropping off your dog and the balance is settled on your return.

19. All owners have given their signed permission that their dogs can be fed sleep and live together with other dogs in my care and that they are happy to stay in my garden and home with other dogs and not be taken for walks but they will have enrichment activities for at least 20 minutes twice a day and are allowed to play with all toys at Laura’s Little Lodgers.

20. I do have dogs here under one year old and by signing my terms and conditions you are happy for your dog to mix with all age groups.

21. These terms also give me permission to administer medication on your behalf that you have provided for your dog.

22. If your puppy needs to be kept in a crate while here at night with the door closed you have given me permission to do this.

23. These terms and conditions are valid approval for future bookings without the need to sign booking forms prior to each booking.

I hope you will be very happy that your dog is staying at Laura’s Little Lodgers and that they will become a regular visitor in the future.